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Hello! I am Kausar (pronounced Co-Sir) and I am the face (and hands) behind the brand Indigo Artisans. Crafter of bespoke gifts to cherish for a lifetime – helping you capture magical memories, doodles, art, thoughts, ideas and plans for world domination!

I handcraft books with love, to be filled by others with the things they love. By travellers, artists, writers, chefs…… to record beautiful adventures and lasting memories.

I am a creative born and bred and have spent most of my life surrounded by creativity and have a deep connection with the ritual of making and crafting. I'm in my element when making and this is when I am the happiest, in my Zen place. I pour this happy, positive energy right back into the pieces that pass through my hands and I hope that this energy is felt by those that use my books and journals.

Tracing back my family history it goes back centuries to the artisans of India who hand dyed cloth and crafted beautiful objects with nothing but bare hands. This essence of truly hand made and hand crafted is at the core of my work. I make each and every item myself without the use of any machinery, no sewing machines, just a few hand tools, a needle and thread and these 2 hands, using traditional artisan methods of bookbinding and leatherwork. My handmade books, journals and covers are all individually hand cut, hand punched, hand folded, hand stitched and hand made here in England by me and are crafted to be cherished for a lifetime. They are little works of art that are both functional and durable and will withstand the test of time so you can fill them to your heart's content and really let them travel with you through your lifes journey.

Formally trained in Textiles and Fashion, I swapped an incredible 16 year career as a jet setting, globe-trotting fashion designer with a more mindful career working with leather and practising the art of bookbinding.

Indigo Artisans was borne after a pivotal moment in my life watching a loved one’s journey with an illness that put my life into perspective.  After a short career break with the sole intention to recharge, refocus and reassess, I started my little venture because I realised that life is too short and I wanted to spend it doing the things that I love. I experimented with many creative avenues, allowing things to simply just evolve and finally settled on specialising in bookbinding. I am a true example of how it’s never too late to change direction and pursue new dreams and passions.

My journey started off being about the blue stuff (INDIGO and DENIM - which I love as I specialized in denim in my old life in fashion), but it's the handbound books and leather that that now have me hooked.

I've always been a reader and a writer rather than a speaker and there's something magical I find about books and journals. The very 1st journal I had was one that I took with me on my very 1st trip out of the UK and away from home at the age of 19 as an exchange student to Helsinki, Finland and I still to this day treasure it and the incredible journey I recorded in there. 

This is an incredible journey for me and the beginning of a long chapter that I am looking forward to penning.......so thank you for taking the time to read my story and I hope you'll join me on the adventure:)
Reach out and get in touch if you're interested in a commissioning a bespoke item


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