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Envelope Books - Occasions They Can Be Gifted For

The envelope books are a recent addition to the range and now one of my favourite custom journals to create as they makes such beautifully sentimental keepsakes.
With pages entirely constructed of envelopes, they're also so beautiful to look at when open, I love the architectural shapes the pages make, that's the paper nerd in me!
They've been gifted to different people to celebrate various occasions and it's such a beautiful and thoughtful way to mark a milestone be it a birth, a big birthday like a 21st or 70th or a retirement.

I've listing some of the occasions that these custom envelope books have been gifted for to give you some ideas

70th Birthday Gift
It's been used to mark milestone birthdays like a 70th and 21st. Filled with letters and loving words from family and friends. I was also invited by one client to write a note for the recipient myself which was such a beautiful invitation. Even more wonderful was receiving a video of the opening of the gift and the recipient, Brian, reading out my note to generations of his family gathered around him to celebrate him. That just melted my heart. I love that a piece of me goes out with each journal I make.

70th birthday gift idea, leather envelope book

Unique Retirement Gifts
I also created one to mark the  retirement of an inspiring co-worker. Sometimes you come across leaders and mentors in life that leave an indelible impression on life and gifting something like this envelope book would be a wonderful way of expressing gratitude for the work they have done.

Retirement gift envelope book for letters

Letters To My Baby
My ultimate favourite has to be the one that was commissioned by a beautiful lady who had just had a baby and she was going to write a letter to her daughter each year and place it in an envelope within the book for each passing year. The book will be presented to her daughter on her 18th birthday. That just made my heart giddy. If I had a baby I would so be doing this! What a nostalgic gift to give and one that would be full of emotion and tenderness.

Letters to my baby gift idea

Letters To The Bride Book
This was a cute one, filled with cheeky letters and notes of advice for the bride to be from mum, grandma, nieces and friends. A really lovely way to get some multi generational input.

Also available with the envelopes made from this luxurious leather look card that looks just like leather but is in fact card. Available in the most beautiful colours too so you can have them in a rainbow or single colours like metallic silver or red.

leather look card letters to the bride envelope book

Single Envelope Page Add Ons
If you like the idea of the envelope pages but don't want the whole book to be full of envelopes only, then you can also just add as single envelope to your preferred journal. These are available in plain white, Kraft brown,  printed with custom quotes, a vintage map and the luxurious leather look card.

Leather look card envelope page add on

You can also have them printed with messages on the envelope flap to make it even more personal:

As always, if you have a dream journal that you want to turn into reality, reach out and let me help you.

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