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A Giant Scrapbook & Travel Journal Idea

A3 Custom Journals travel journals

I really do need to share more of the epic custom creations that I get to work on!

This particular one was a personalized giant vegan cork leather travel journal/scrapbook for a young couple who are avid travelers from the USA and wanted to work with me to create an extra large bucket list journal/travel diary for them to take with them to document the places that they travel to and the amazing experiences that they plan on having, from surfing in Costa Rica to learning how to bake French bread. Their plan was to learn something unique from each place that they travel to and to document it scrapbook style in a giant book with written notes and polaroid pics and mementos. An epic memoir of their journey to look back on in years to come.

This is them with the book just before they headed off at the begining of 2022.
You can find them on Instagram @theotherside_vlog  and also on Youtube

Ian & Ana with Indigo Artisans Woot Woot book

They set off travelling mid January 2022 for 6 months and their 1st stop was  Costa Rica where they learned to surf and visited one of the countries Blue Zones. If like me, you didn't know what a Blue Zone was, it's "regions (in the world that) are home to some of the oldest and healthiest people in the world" and Costa Rica's Nicoya Peninsula, home of Nosara, is fortunate to be one of only five Blue Zones in the world."

At the time of writing, they are whale watching! How cool is that?! You can recap by checking out their Insta Story Highlights.

They chose a vegan cork leather for the book and wanted something with enough pages to fill for the next few years of adventure. They also had some custom wording hand stitched onto the cover. 

Ian & Ana with Indigo Artisans Woot Woot book front

Ian & Ana with Indigo Artisans Woot Woot book Back

The story behind the WOOT WOOT hand stitched onto the cover of their book is that they have a youtube channel and they started saying the phrase in their videos and it's stuck. Ian said "It’s kinda how the Greeks say OPA to celebrate life, Ana & I like to say WOOT WOOT!"

Woot Woot book front stitch detail


I don't normally hand write onto the pages of the journals for clients but for this special piece, Ian and Ana chose 2 quotes that I then hand wrote with a dip pen and ink onto the 1st and last pages.

Custom handwritten title pageGiant Travel scrapbook with map

Custom hand written page in journal

I thinkg this is going to make an epic memoir of their journey and something priceless once it's full, to show to their children and grandchildren. What a visual legacy to leave behind.

Definitely give them a follow for travel ideas and reviews of the many places they have visited and to see how they fill their journal.
@theotherside_vlog and also on Youtube

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